Will Sunshine Brighten Your Mood as Much as it Brightens Your Home?

Summertime means longer, warmer days with the windows open and the sunshine warming your furniture. There’s nothing quite like a sun-warmed loveseat to lounge on while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. You feel at peace in those moments, like nothing could bring you down from cloud nine.

How can you keep that feeling? You could make it a goal to invest in one of the beautiful, bright Florida rooms. Until then, here are some more ways in which the sunshine can brighten your mood as much as it brightens your home.

Sunlight and Moonlight Have Different Effects on Your Hormones

Daytime and nighttime are in tune with your circadian rhythm, the internal clock that alerts your brain to awareness and unawareness. When the sun rises, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin to keep you bright, alert, and awake. Whereas, when the sun sets and the moon rises, your body naturally releases melatonin, the hormone that encourages relaxation and sleep.

Sunshine Improves Focus and Concentration

Brightness, especially in natural light, boosts your body’s awareness. This makes you feel more awake and alert to the goings-on around you. When sunshine releases Vitamin D through your bloodstream, you feel more focused, like you can concentrate and be more productive because both your mind and body are working harmoniously to make you feel good.

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Sunshine Can Be a Metaphor for Positivity in Your Life

For as long as there has been sunshine, there have been metaphors for the brightness and happiness in life. In drawings, the sun is usually smiling cheerfully in vibrant yellow. This is to represent the feelings of goodness and wholesomeness that come with the sunshine.

The sun is a natural mood brightener. Songs have been sung about it. Entire religions sometimes worship it. There are historic documents that tell tales of the sunshine. It’s natural to feel happy, healthy, and free when there’s a little more sunshine in your day.