4/18/17:  Celebrate the Fracking BAN with us and learn about CCHC's continued efforts to keep Calvert County healthy and safe

The long battle to pass a ban on fracking in Maryland is finally over! Our friends in Western  Maryland got the ball rolling, and Southern Maryland neighbors joined in with gusto, visiting legislators, emailing, calling, writing letters, marching... The victory is terrific news for all Marylanders, and it also highlights the many questions surrounding Dominion Cove Point LNG.  Please join us to discuss lessons learned and how we move on with our fight against the gas liquefaction and export facility in our midst.


When:       3rd Tuesday of every month

Time:        6 - 8 p.m.

Location:  Southern Community Center

                  20 Appeal Lane

                  Lusby, MD 20657

                  (410) 586-1101

​8/17/16:  Solar Co-ops:  Neighbors going Solar Together

​Come learn more about solar power, and how neighbors are banding together to make it more affordable and more accessible!

MD SUN, a non-profit, is helping communities around the region form solar co-ops and go solar as a group. By working together with their neighbors, participants save up to 20% off the cost of a system on their own homes, and also get the support of their neighbors!  

Our speaker, Corey Ramsden, is  MD SUN Program Director.  Corey focuses on building successful solar co-ops and helping as many Maryland residents as possible go solar. He has 15 years of experience in the IT industry, joined the solar industry in 2011 and is a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional. He also owns his own solar PV system. Corey regularly volunteers his time toward the advancement of renewable energy adoption throughout the region. He is a long-time resident of the Baltimore/Washington area and graduated from Loyola University Maryland.

For more info: visit www.mdsun.org 

Please see our "ACTION" page for more suggestions as to what action you can take.

​​Where’s Our Safety Study?  Sign the Petition Now!

​Tell Governor Hogan To Order A QRA For Cove Point

Dominion is building a shale gas refinery and export terminal in the densely-populated town of Lusby without assessing risk to the community. Families are worried and want to know the likelihood of a chemical spill or explosion, as well as the potential damage that such an accident could cause. 

That sounds reasonable doesn’t it? 

People are already moving away out out of fear, heartbroken as they say goodbye to their friends and neighborhoods. Others who'd like to move fear they won't be able to sell their homes due to slipping property values.

Dominion assures everyone that its facility is safe, but it refuses to conduct a risk assessment so there are no data to support their assurances.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) tells us it's safe, because Dominion says so. The County Commissioners tell us it's safe, because FERC says so. And all of our other elected officials say it's safe, because everyone else says so...

This isn’t right. People deserve answers. 

We are now being told that only Governor Hogan can order a QRA. Please join us in demanding that Gov. Hogan order an independent QRA!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to sign the petition to Governor Hogan.  CLICK HERE to read the letter sent to the Governor on 8/5/16 and signed by more than 80 organizations.  Thank you for your support!

​5/17/17:  MDE "Informational Hearing" on Dominion application to discharge industrial wastewater into Gray's Creek.

Location:  Calvert Library, 850 Costley Way, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678.The published Notice of this "informational meeting" and the actual DCP application are linked on our Library page.

​​9/21/16:  Fracking in Maryland

Kim Alexander of Garrett County, MD joins our September 21st meeting to discuss the importance of assuring the upcoming legislative session ends with a complete ban on fracking in Maryland.

Join Kim and Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community to learn what each of us can do to pressure our legislators to do the right thing for Maryland. This topic is timely as Calvert County revamps its comprehensive plan with a series of public meetings September 28th and 29th.​

​7/20/16:  Community Solar:  Solar Power is for Everyone!

​Thanks to a new community solar law in Maryland, everybody has the potential to go solar!

"Community solar" allows you to sign up for solar power for your home, business or organization without installing equipment on your roof. It’s clean energy from a local installation in your neighborhood. 

Come learn how you and your neighbors can join together to build a local clean energy solar project that will let you save money and help the environment. 

Our speaker, Lore Rosenthal, is a sign language interpreter by day, a community organizer at night, and is Senior Outreach Specialist at Neighborhood Sun (www.neighborhoodsun.solar). She is the co-founder of several statewide climate and sustainability projects based in Baltimore, Howard County and Greenbelt, and helped form Greenbelt Community Solar, LLC. 

For more info: visit www.neighborhoodsun.solar 

​​1/18/17:  Fracking in Calvert County - 

​How Will it Affect You?

A section of northern Calvert County sits on the explored Taylorsville shale basin; most of the

rest of the county overlies the as-yet unexplored Delmarva Basin. What does that mean for

our water, our air, our communities, and our Chesapeake Bay way of life? Join the discussion.

Find out how our community can ensure that our legislators ban fracking in Maryland during

the 2017 legislative session.



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